Snowmaker Level I

Deer Valley Resort
Job Overview

PURPOSE OF POSITION:  Maintain, move and set up snow guns and hoses for extensive snowmaking operation. Make rounds in vehicles and/or snowmobiles to monitor weather conditions during snowmaking.



  • Must be safety conscious and have a mechanical aptitude
  • Heavy equipment experience preferred 
  • Understanding or development of snowmaking/removal objectives and techniques 
  • Receptive and responsive to instruction 
  • Dependable and able to work well with others 
  • Physically fit and a tolerance for working in extreme conditions



  • Competently and conscientiously perform the required equipment inspections and servicing and record results accurately and completely
  • Safe operation of snowmaking equipment and snowmobiles
  • Must be responsive to direction and instruction while training and performing assignments
  • Become familiar and competent with Deer Valley snowmaking equipment and techniques
  • Provide acceptable results while operating equipment on which one has been trained
  • Quickly and accurately report any problem with the product or equipment which arises
  • During an assignment
  • Assist co-workers with minor equipment repairs
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the equipment and facilities
  • Exhibit professional conduct and proper radio etiquette


The Deer Valley Difference

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